Rotating Blinds


Rules for Rotating Blinds—2018

  • Blinds for the 2018 rotation will be assigned via a draw (or other selection determined by MGC Management) prior to the beginning of the season. Once each member’s home blind is assigned, each group would then start the rotation for the year in their newly assigned home blind.
  • Members shall not change or alter in any way the gate boards in the water control boxes.
  • All Hunters must check in by marking the check-in box before each hunt. Hunters should make every effort to be in their blind fifteen (15) minutes before the beginning shoot time. If you cannot be in your blind 15 minutes before shooting time, please wait until one hour after shooting time before entering the property. The check-in box is located at the parking lot entrance.
  • The Priority System will be used to determine the blind available to you on any given day. In general, you may shoot your assigned blind on any given shoot day or move forward one time any unoccupied blind in rotation. The blind picked is yours for the entire shoot day. Changing blinds after initial pick is not allowed. Moving backward in the rotation will not be permitted. To illustrate, if you are shooting blind #106, you have the following priority for unassigned, unoccupied blinds: #107, #108, #109, #100, #101, #102, #103, #104, and #105. If #109 is occupied, and that member does not want to move forward, then you have the option of jumping to #100. If blind #101 is also occupied, you may move to the next unoccupied blind, subject to the desire of those members who have priority over you. You may not shoot the same blind more than once a week, except if the repeated use occurs on a storm day.
  • On storm days (as determined by MGC Management), the storm day blind will be the assigned blind for the next scheduled shoot day. Management will make every effort to notify membership of a storm day by noon (12:00a.m.) of the previous day via the MGC answering service – 530/893-1907.
  • Members are not allowed on the said premises any time one (1) hour prior to a.m. shooting time and after 2:00p.m., except for the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.
  • If ATV access to the blinds in the rice fields is required, members will approach each respective blind from the north side of the levee and stop/park no closer the 50 yards from the blind.The goal of this policy is to maintain the integrity of the pond throughout the season.
  • Access to the Hidden Island will be allowed from the land plane bridge, located near blind #103, and the northern railroad car bridge, located on the southern end of Field #27. Members will be required to park their ATV at either bridge or walk into the Hidden Isle – access by foot only.
  • Hunters will not be allowed to hunt the same blind in the Hidden Isle (‘Jungle”) for more than one of two consecutive days.
  • Members will not pick and/or clean birds on the said premises.
  • Members will enter the property only at the northwestern corner of the said premises — the parking lot south of the Gridley-Colusa Highway. Members shall not enter the said premises from any other location.
  • Members will confine all automobiles/trucks to the designated parking area. Parking passes must be displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Members will limit ATC and ATV use during peak shooting hours, starting a.m. time to 1:30p.m. (end of shooting time).
  • On any Designated Hunting Day, once a member and/or his guests leave the blind and the property, that member and/or guest will not be allowed to return to the blind – once you leave, the hunt is over for the day: one group per blind per day.
  • Members will keep dogs confined or on a leash in the designated parking area.
  • Members will replace the blind lid back on the blind after the end of each hunt and remove the blind marker from the check-in box when finished hunting for the day.
  • Option blinds to shoot the jungle (Hidden Island) will be as follows:
    Blind#102 – Option Blind: #102A, Pond A, Snag, and Pond B
    Blind#105 – Option Blind: Pond C (Creek Blind)
  • Members will clean their assigned or otherwise designated blind at the end of each hunt. All trash (i.e. shells, wrappers, cans, etc.) shall be removed from the blind.
  • Hunting upland game, which would include turkeys, quail, dove and pheasants is not allowed on Club property.
  • Please stay off levees 20 yards from your blind.
  • Ten-gauge shotguns and three and one-half inch (3-1/2”) shells are prohibited from use on Club property.
  • Members are to limit the use of electric rotating (spinning wing) duck attractants (i.e., Moto-Duck, Roto-Duck, Robo-Duck, etc.) to two motorized or wind-driven decoys per blind, on a pole of not more than six feet tall. Additionally, two surface water movement decoys will be allowed. Rotating Spinning Wing Systems will not be permitted. VORTEX spinning wing systems are not allowed. The management reserves the right to permit any spinning wing system on a case-by-case basis. Any modification to the policy will be binding on all members and final.
  • All rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Fish and Game shall be rigidly enforced.
  • Any violations of club or Dept. of Fish and Game rules should be registered with Erik Foraker (530) 893-1907.
  • In general, show consideration for fellow members.

Designated Hunting Days For Rotating Blinds Exhibit B

Designated hunting days referred to in Paragraph 5.0 of the Hunting License Agreement are:

Wednesday, Saturdays, Sundays Beginning Shoot time until 1:30pm

Hunters will be allowed to shoot storm days. An agent at Murdock Gun Club will make the determination on a daily basis. Decision is final. Management will make every effort to notify membership of a storm day by 12:00a.m. (Noon) of the previous day via the MGC answering service – 530/893-1907.

When a Hunter is designated and elects to hunt an option blind in the Hidden Isle (“Jungle”), Hunter and his blind partner will not be able to shoot the same blind the next shoot day.