Non-Rotating Blinds


Rules for Non-Rotating Blinds—2018

  • Members shall not change or alter in any way the gate boards in the water control boxes.
  • Members will not pick and/or clean birds on the said premises.
  • Members will enter the property only at the southern gate, north of the Gridley-Colusa Highway. Members shall not enter the said premises from any other location. A lock combination will be provided.
  • Members will confine all automobiles/trucks to the designated parking area. Parking passes must be displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Members will limit ATC and ATV use during peak shooting hours, starting a.m. time to 1:30 p.m. (end of shooting) time.
  • Members will be required to leave the Club properties by 2:00pm, except the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.
  • Members will keep their dogs confined or on a leash in the designated parking area.
  • Members agree that no sleeping trailers, small campers and/or cab-overs, are allowed on the said premises. All vehicles must leave the properly at the end of the day – no overnight stays are allowed.
  • Members must limit the use of super magnum decoys to one-third (1/3) of total allowed decoys. A total of 100 super magnum decoys are allowed.
  • Members must limit the use of wind and electric rotating duck attractants (i.e., Moto-Duck, Roto-Duck, Robo-duck, etc.) to two (2) per blind. Murdock Gun Club Management further reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, and/or establish guidelines for spinning wing attractants, including but not limited to banning their use entirely. Any modification to the policy will be binding on all members and final.
  • Ten-gauge shotguns and three and one-half inch (3-1/2") shells are prohibited from use on Club property.
  • All rules set forth by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife shall be rigidly enforced.
  • Use good judgment and consideration for other members when chasing cripples.
  • Hunting upland game, which includes turkey, quail, dove and pheasant is not allowed on Club Property.
  • In general, show consideration for fellow members.

Designated Hunting Days For Non-Rotating Blinds Exhibit B

Designated hunting days referred to in Paragraph 5.0 of the Hunting License Agreement are:

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Beginning Shoot time to 1:30pm

Hunters will be allowed to shoot storm days. An agent at Murdock Gun Club will make the determination on a daily basis. Decision is final. Management will make every effort to notify membership of a storm day by 12:00a.m. (Noon) of the previous day via the MGC answering service – 530/893-1907.

In the event the 2016-17 waterfowl season is delayed to a late rice harvest, Murdock Gun Club Management reserves the right to add an additional hunting day for each week the season is reasonably delayed.