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Murdock Gun Club

Murdock Gun Club is an established duck and goose hunting club located in the heart of California's Pacific Flyway on the northern edge of the Butte Sink. Founded in 1984, Murdock Gun Club prides itself on offering its clientele some of the finest duck and goose hunting in Northern California. Imagine yourself sitting in one of the Club's professionally placed in-ground sunken steel blinds just inches from water level or perched high up on a stilt platform blind that naturally blends into the surrounding habitat. The sounds of wildlife abound as the sun slowly rises in the east, casting warn and penetrating light across the horizon and exposing the world famous Sutter Buttes to a new day. Your inviting decoy spread becomes clearly visible to the morning denizens.

Suddenly, the sky comes alive as ducks and geese begin to move from the neighboring State and Federal refuges and surrounding wetlands and rice fields to Murdock Gun Club. Before you know it, a flock of seven bull sprig and four green heads have set their wings and are rapidly descending from above with their feet down determined to land in your pond. It doesn't get much better than this. The rest is up to you!


The Club properties are in close proximity to the Grey Lodge Waterfowl Management Area, adjacent to the Upper Butte Sink Wildlife Management Area (Little Dry Creek) and situated on the northern fringe of the world famous Butte Sink.


Murdock Gun Club's hunting grounds, consisting of over 2,500 acres, borders Butte Creek and offer diverse hunting environments for its members. Approximately 85 percent of the Club's properties are currently under rice cultivation with the remaining 15 percent consisting of sloughs, marshlands, and uncultivated fields abundant in natural growth native to the area (i.e., smartweed, duck salad, wild sedges, etc.). Further, the property is surrounded by seasonal wetland and permanent marsh, making it one of the last contigous block of rice fields extending into the Butte Sink proper.


Murdock Gun Club proudly offers annual licenses to its clientele allowing members to hunt out of any one of the Club's professionally placed in-ground or stilt blinds. Currently there are 28 shooting stations, consisting of three- and four-man blinds, spread over 2,200 flooded acres. The number of blinds on the property have been intentionally limited to 28 in order to maintain a low ratio of blinds to flooded areas. By maintaining an average of over 80 flooded acres per blind, Club members are freed from the intense hunting pressure often found on State refuges or other private clubs. The quality and consistency of the hunting experience is kept at the highest level.


Members can elect to hunt in rotating or non-rotating bllinds within the Club. Rotating blinds offer members the opportunity to shoot from numerous locations through the season while non-rotating blinds give members exclusivity to one blind without the requirement of shared use.


The Club is operated on a day-to-day basis by an experienced management team that works to provide a consistently superior hunting environment for the Club's membership. Patrolling the property, maintaining the duck ponds, working to meet the needs of membership and generally overseeing the ongoing operations of the property are the primary responsibilities of the Club's management. This full service team approach to management and the Club's superior location and terrain provides members the opportunity to enjoy waterfowling at its best.